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Struts & Frets Theatre Company | August 2023 | Eola Hills Wine Cellars

Directed by Hannah Fawcett

Stage Managed by Moss Tierney

Assistant Stage Managed by Kenya Tichenor and OJ Sherman

Costumes by Margaret Boatwright, Claire Snyder, and Shaula Coulson

Lighting Design by Jay Sharma

Lightboard Operated by OJ Sherman

Sound Design by Mariam Anderson-Taha, Blair Cromwell, and Hannah Fawcett

Original Music Composed by Terry Kitagawa

Set Design by Terry Kitagawa and Blair Cromwell

Production Assistance by Maddie Williams, Lily Williams, and Katie Reimer

ASL Interpreting provided by Myk Rose and Rebekah Cheeley

Cast featured Jeff Baer, Robert Alan Barnett, Lexy Bolsinger, E Fetterley, Kala Geissinger, Pollox Geissinger, Jesse Greenblatt, Elliot Grass, Shay Haase, Wyatt King, Grace Kinzie, Terry Kitagawa, Cole Richardson, Jeff Sanders, Brandon Williams, Amelia Woolsey, 

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