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I teach too!

My work is person-first, with a special focus towards building confidence and empowerment in my students!

I specialize in Classical Work, Voice for the Actor, Styles (specifically Chekhov, Brecht, Greek, Comedy of Manners, and American Realism), Contemporary Acting, Audition Technique, and Shakespeare.

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How we do things here

I believe wholeheartedly in letting language and the uniqueness of our own voice guide each student to their steps.

Speaking and using our voice can feel vulnerable and so very frightening, which is exactly why it is the most powerful thing we can do. And to do that, we must get comfortable with making mistakes.


I encourage my students to fail:

Fail often.

Fail forward.

Fail backward.

Fail in frost and in flames. 

Fail exquisitely and courageously.

As a student myself, I remember feeling frozen by "getting it wrong." This prevented me from finding my own voice as an artist until much, much later. 

This is not something I want for the people I teach.

I don't believe in "rights" and "wrongs" in the way of things, educationally. I only believe in finding new tools for each student to keep in their toolkit.

If we trust our voice as an artist, we trust our place. Every word, every act of communication in our theatrical work has its own perfectly balanced weight, exactly calibrated in the story just as each human in this world is. 

Finding the courage to use our voices, both in the context of the story being told as well as in our lives is immensely powerful.

We cannot sound our own depths until at first we speak. 

Using our voice is one of the most powerful and vulnerable things we can do.

Let's find yours together.





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