Besides being a big toothed cheeseball, I am a born and raised Oregonian. So you know, flannel, chunky knits, constant rain, and of course, microbrews and ethically sourced coffee make me feel at home. 


I have a BFA in Acting from Southern Oregon University. 

I spent the better part of 2019 tootling  around the Forest of Arden in As You Like It at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where I was also a member of their teaching staff.

Here are some things I love,

  • waffle weave bathrobes, a freshly scrubbed face, cream in coffee, and a glass of white wine. All at once if you're feeling extra wild.

  • the Modern Love podcast.

  • the feeling where your heart swells when you hear a piece of music or a passage of text that has warmly laid its little hand in yours.

  • intersectional productions of Shakespeare focused on dismantling oppressive systems.

  • my dog.

  • other people's dogs.

Tablework for Summerfolk at the Oregon Center for the Arts
In rehearsal for Cymbeline at Struts & Frets Theatre Company
2010 - present
2010 - present